Apr 23 2015

Active Flag

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Cornafulla was first awarded the Active School Flag in 2009. We were one of the first few schools in Ireland to achieve this award. We are a very Active School and facilitate a wide varitey of sports to suit all tastes. We have Gaelic, Soccer, Tag Rugby, Rugby, Hockey, Table Tennis and Swimming. Activity suring breaks are also encouraged such as skipping, football and soccer. We also have a Healthy Lunch Policy. We are currently working hard to maintain our Active Flag which is due for renewal.











This a photograph of our Active School Flag committee. We are working very hard at the moment as it is getting near Active School Week. We will be having golf, hockey, yoga and tennis to name a few.



We have had a fantastic week at our Active School Week. Sometimes the weather didn’t help but we had great fun anyway. We enjoying some camping activities with the scouts on Monday. On Tuesday we learned some Tennis skills from Derek Stenson. Older classes enjoyed some relaxing yoga with Melissa Dolan on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. WOW day was held was held on Wednesday. We were so lucky to have great weather. The walk to school was invigorating and we enjoyed some tasty fruit which was very kindly sponsored by Tim Dolan, manager of Super Value in Monksland. Mrs. Fitzgearld also organised a Healthy Eating talk and taste to all children from junior infants to 1st Class. There was a variety of fruit and vegetables from bananas to radishes! Thank you Mrs. Fitzgearld for oragnising this tasty treat. Philip Murphy cam on Thursday to show us some fun Golf skills. Olive Kennedy also came to play Hockey with 5th and 6th Class. We are on our final day of Active Week. Today all classes from Junior Infants to 4th Class will enjoy a relaxing yoga class with Jimmy Fitzgearld. This is a lovely, relaxing way to complete our week. Thanks to Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Mrs. Conway and pupils for making this week such a success!

Fiona O’Connell


Daily mile

The daily mile programme is now up and running in almost every class in the school. Children are now walking, jogging or running for up to 15 minutes each day. Remember to wear suitable footwear to school! Every class in the school is tracking their progress and the miles/kilometers they have covered. Each class has selected a country that they are going to walk to in terms of distance traveled each day. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

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