May 17 2016

Book Rental F.A.Q.

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Book Rental Scheme

Your Questions answered

What is a School Book Rental Scheme?

SBRS is the most efficient way of keeping the costs of books to a minimum.

How will it work?

The school will source the books required for each year. Books for the scheme will consist of new books and books donated to the school.

Why should I donate books to a scheme if I can pass them on to brothers and sisters?

It may not seem beneficial at first but next year you will not have books to donate and you can get all the books for the rental fee. In the Junior Infants there are mostly workbooks on the booklists, but we can purchase these cheaper when we buy in bulk! The scheme will also fund the money for when there is a change of book in the future.

Can I take part in the book rental even though I have no books to donate?

Yes. Parents may not have books in good enough condition to donate or may not have any books at all.

How/ When do I pay?

You may pay now to your class teacher or wait until the 1st September . Once you sign to say you want to rent books please remember we will buy the books for you and they will be waiting for you in August.

What if during the year a book gets damaged or “eaten by a dog” ?

All books are the property of the Book Rental Scheme and should be returned in the same condition as they were received.

Please remember only books that are in good condition can be donated.

Who will cover the books?

The school will cover any books to be rented.  Parents may wish to cover their child’s workbooks and copybooks.

Will I rent workbooks?  Will I buy workbooks through the school?

Any books that have to be written into cannot be rented. All books required by the children will be bought by the school and included in the rental scheme price.

Do I rent dictionaries?

No, at the moment you must buy dictionaries and atlases.

Will I label my child’s book?

We hope to have all the books ready to bring home on the last day of term.  This will depend on the suppliers delivering on time.  If not, all books will be in school waiting for the children on the 1st of September.  The children can then bring them home for labelling and covering, if desired

What happens to the books at the end of the year?

All books are retuned at the end of the year. The books will be collected on the 20th of June. Please go through each rental book and rub out any pencil marks made by your child.

Who is administering the School Book Rental Scheme?

The SBRS is being organised by Ms. Dooley. She is happy to meet with any parent who wishes to discuss the scheme.

When have I to return the form stating I want to take part in the book rental scheme?

The latest date is the 17th of June. Then we can start ordering books. This is the final day and forms will not be accepted after this.

 If you have any further questions, please contact Ms Inez Dooley in the school.

Thank you


Inez Dooley

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