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Apr 05 2017

Tag Rugby Blitz

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Today, the children in 1st and 2nd class took part in a Tag Rugby Blitz in Buccaneers Rugby club. Cornafulla N.S. had four teams participating and each team played against different schools from Athlone. It’s safe to say all that training on a Wednesday was well worth it, as each team scored a number of tries. It was a great day out for all and we might even have a few professional rugby players in the near future!!!

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Mar 23 2017


Ms Finn’s Senior Infants and Ms Egan’s Senior Infants had their first Soccer lesson this morning. They even got to play a match. Lisa and Declan were coaching them. Mr Keller’s 4th Class enjoyed their session too. Have a look at our photos!


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Mar 21 2017

F.A.I 5 a-side

On Monday last the Cornafulla boys A and B teams qualified for the county finals in the F.A.I 5 a-side. The boys A team had wins over Summerhil A and C and Cloonakilla B and D. The B team defeated Cornafulla C,  Summerhill B and Clonakilla A and C.  Our C team was very unlucky to lose to to our B team and they had a victory over Clonakilla C. Well done to all the boys involved and best of luck to both our teams in the county finals  on Thursday the 30th.

Teams:A  Darren Quinn,Shane Galvin,Diarmuid O’Brien,Eoghan Galvin, Tom Costello, Charlie Kelly, Jack Macken and Eanna Henry.

B John Shine, Conor Feeney,Dylan Brady, Oisin Bohan,Sean Kelly,Patrick Duffy,Temi Idowu and Cormac Westman. 

C: Eoghan Mc Manus, Niall Flynn, Hugo Lennon, Ryan Moran,Darragh O’Neill, Evan Quinn, Daniel Martin, Cathal Roche.

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Mar 21 2017

Girls 5 a-Side Soccer

On Monday 20th March 17 girls from 5th and 6th classes took part in the South Roscommon 5 a-side  soccer competition. The weather was cold and windy but the players demonstrated great skills and attitude in the challenging conditions. Our school played matches against Cloonakilla, Summerhill and Strokestown. Our girls ‘A’ team won their group and have qualified for the Roscommon county finals which are scheduled to take place on Thursday 30th March in Lecarrow. Well done to all the players involved.

Girls A team- Hope Glynn, Sarah Ryan, Sarah Gavin, Shauna Mc Evilly, Kiera Timlin, Aine O’ Connor, Chloe Shanahan, Niamh Mc Teague

Girls B Team-Rachel Lough, Abbie Mc Grath, Amy Ward, Ella O’ Reilly, Niamh Reynolds, Elaine Connell, Claire Jane Kenny, Eva Bea Mulligan, Saoirse Fox

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Mar 08 2017

Irish Dancing

Caitlin Gavin came 1st  in Irish dancing in Prelim Cup and 2nd in Championship last Friday. This all took place in the Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe. Well done Caitlin!

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Mar 07 2017

1st and 2nd Class Tag Rugby Blitz

Due to the recent inclement weather the Tag Rugby Blitz for 1st and 2nd classes has been postponed until Wednesday March 22nd.

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Feb 13 2017

Primary Movements

Ollie Lennon is doing a 6 week course on Primary Movements with Ms O’Connell’s Junior Infants, Ms Finn’s Senior Infants and Ms Egan’s Senior Infants on Mondays. Next Monday will be his last day. He is helping the children to get fit, working on their balance and helping them to improve their hand/eye coordination. 

This morning, he got all of the children to do some exercises at the start of the session. Then he divided the class into three teams. He had lots of cones on a mat in the centre of the room. The children had to run to the centre, pick up a cone with their right hand and bring the cone back to their base. When all the cones were gone from the centre, he told the three teams to count how many cones their team had. The team who had the most cones were the winners. The teachers will play this game during PE another day. They will play it the exact same way but the teacher will tell the children that they must pick up the cones with their left hand.

Next, Ollie set up cones in two lines and put a child standing at each cone. Each child had a partner opposite him/her. When Ollie blew his whistle, the partners had to swap places. Line A had to do different exercises and Line B had to copy them. Then Line B did some different exercises and Line A had to copy them.  

The children had to walk around the room. When Ollie blew his whistle, the each child had to find his/her partner and they had to stand back to back.

The pupils played the game “Bridge and River.” They had to walk around the room quickly and when Ollie blew his whistle, each child had to find his/her partner and set up the bridge and river. 

At the end of the session, Ollie called out instructions and the children had to follow these instructions. (eg. Touch the ground with your left hand, sit down, etc.) Take a look at our photostory!




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Feb 09 2017

10@10 (Operation Transformation)

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We are all looking forward to our big event at school tomorrow morning! All of the classes did our three dance routines at the front of the school this morning. Have a look at these photos!

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Feb 08 2017

Tag Rugby

First and second classes have been playing tag rugby on Wednesday mornings with our coach Will from Buccaneers Rugby Club. We have been learning important skills like evasion, catching and passing. We will be taking part in a rugby blitz with other local schools in the coming weeks.

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Feb 06 2017

10@10 (Operation Transformation)

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Hi Everyone,

I’m sure some of you are tuning into the programme Operation Transformation every week. Ms O’Connell is organising a big event in our school this week. This event will take place on Friday 10th February at 10:00 for 10 minutes.

All of the classes will do three dances at the front of the school for 10@10. Each class will be in a line. The 3 songs and dance routines are on youtube.

  1. Chicken Dance – Maximo/Go Noodle
  2. Maxerena – Maximo/Go Noodle
  3. Kidz Bop. Best Day of my Life (#MoveitMarch)

We are all practising these dance routines in our classrooms. We will have a trial run this Thursday 9th February. All pupils need to wear runners to school every day this week. 


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