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Newsletter September 1st 2017

We wish to welcome all the children and parents back to Cornafulla N.S. We welcome especially our Junior Infants who are settling in so well under the expert guidance of Ms. Finn and Ms. O Connell.

This year our school has gone from an eleven- class teacher school to a ten- class teacher school. The reason is that 53 sixth class children left the school in 2016. We could never hope to replace that number of children. Therefore we lost one teacher. So this year the number of children had to be divided differently and lead to five whole classes and five mixed. Mixed classes are not new to Cornafulla N.S. and indeed many parents were educated in mixed classes, as are the vast majority of school children in the country at present. Certain adjustments have to be made but the education your child will get in a mixed class is equally as good as in a whole. Otherwise, there would have been an outcry to close small schools. Instead there has been a lively campaign to keep them open.



We wish to congratulate Mr. Glennon on the birth of his son Darragh and Ms. Egan on the birth of her son Tom. Ms. Egan’s class is being taught by Ms. Melissa Glynn during her leave from school.


On the 18th of September I shall do a uniform check. Children from first class up are required to have indoor shoes to maintain the school floors. They are usually plimsolls which are easy to put on and take off. The uniform consists of a PLAIN tracksuit bottoms with no logo, the tracksuit top and a light blue polo. Jeggings and leggings are not tracksuit bottoms.


Sweets , taytos, chewing gum are banned in the school. Lunches should be healthy…rolls, fruit, yogurts and a homemade bun. If a child doesn’t eat any part of his/her lunch he is encouraged to put the lunch back in the lunch box. Therefore a parent can monitor what is being eaten or not.


Please get into the habit this year of getting your child to school on time. Last year the same children were continuously later. A child is late if his/her class has left the yard. It is disruptive on a class when the door is opened three or four times once the morning prayer has been said.


We would also appreciate children being collected on time. Sometimes parents wait at the wall whilst their children play on the yard. The school staff would like to either leave for home or do some after school work and therefore cannot wait on the yard to supervise.


We are lucky to have five Support Teachers this year and therefore classes will be well supported as will any children experiencing difficulties with the curriculum.


Over the years we have noticed a deterioration in the standard of written work being sent in as homework. Please encourage your child to write neatly, use a ruler to draw lines and to use a well pared pencil. The homework notebook should be signed each night by the parent or an adult who has watched the homework being done.


We encourage all parents to pay on –line through the data biz system. We thank the parents who have already done so. It cuts down on all the money in the office and on receipts. Parents are able to see if their payment has gone through on line. If you are having difficulties contact the school. Details are on the website.


Gaelic is starting on the 18th of September. Marie Kelly will coach the children again this year.


Swimming will start on the seventh of September for Ms. Dooley’s class and Mr. Dolan’s class.

Details will be sent out at a later date.


Joan Conway (Principal)









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