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Feb 22 2017

Musical Performance

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Silver Lining Productions came to our school this afternoon. All of the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed this musical performance. We got to see and listen to unusual instruments such as the digeridoo and the french horn. There was a charge of 2 euro per child. Thanks to the parents for sending this money in. The performance was very entertaining. Some students got very involved in the show. Well done to these boys and girls! Take a look at our photostory!

We have our Enrolment Evening this evening. (6.30 pm – 8 pm) We are looking forward to meeting the new Junior Infants and their parents.

Enjoy the long weekend! See you all on Monday 27th February!



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Feb 21 2017

Marie Curie and The Solar System

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Fourth class have been learning about Marie Curie and The Solar System for the past few weeks.

In history the class learned about Marie Curie’s life, the

work she carried out and her achievements. They then created flip books and timelines based on what they had learned.

In geography we were learning about The Solar System and the Planets. The class created Planet Fact Files, wrote Diary Entries based on ‘A Day in Space’ and they created their own Solar Systems in art. 

Have a look at our photos!


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Feb 20 2017

Science -Living In A Material World

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The children in 2nd class carried out an experiment to see ‘what material would make the best damp course?’ Old houses tend to be damp because they have no damp course. In modern housing, a layer of material is placed between bricks to stop the moisture rising.  The children used sugar cubes, a variety of materials and food colouring for testing. They discovered that plastic was the best damp course and that tissue was the worst. 

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Feb 17 2017

Measuring – Length

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The children are learning about Length in Maths at the moment. This morning, they got to measure the length and width of various classroom objects using cubes. They had to estimate first. Have a look at our photos!

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Feb 16 2017

Still dancing!

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shuffle from Inez Finn on <a

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Feb 15 2017

Coding in fifth class.

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Fifth class recently had 6 weeks of computers and coding. They learned word-processing skills and how to code through Scratch. They made quizzes based on the class novel Safe Harbour.

Below are links to their projects:

We went to computer class for 6 weeks we learned how to code on scratch.We made a quiz on a great book called Safe Habour.The quiz was hard to make but fun to play.”

We did computer classes with Ms Killeen, for six weeks. We practised typing.  We also made a Safe Harbour Quiz on scratch. We had great fun, and we would like to do it again.”

We spent 6 weeks working on the Safe Harbour quiz. We made a working trampoline. We learned how to use MICROSOFT WORD. We learned how to program on scratch.”

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Feb 14 2017

Sow and Grow 2017

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Some of the teachers signed up for innocent and GIY’s Sow and Grow 2017. Some of these packs were delivered to our school today. The children were very excited!

This pack contains all the food-growing magic you need to get started, including:

  • Sow and Grow cups for the children to grow their vegetables in
  • Enough compost to fill the 30 Sow and Grow cups
  • Cress, baby carrot and runner bean seeds
  • A revised Teacher’s Resource Pack which includes lots of great lesson plans, activity sheets and other information about Sow and Grow 2017
  • A wallchart to celebrate your classroom’s growing successes
  • A badge to congratulate your Star Grower each week

We are all looking forward to getting our fingers green and dirty in the coming weeks! Have a look at our photos!


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Feb 14 2017

Leabhar nua!

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Ms. Rigney’s class have started a new initiative in Irish this week.

We are reading a novel in Irish called ‘An nathair agus na speaclai (The snake and the glasses)

Each morning Mrs. Conway, Mr. Nolan and Ms. Connolly come in to our class to help us. We work in groups , moving from one station to the next.

We are practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing as Gaeilge.

We are enjoying it so far!   Slan libh!


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Feb 13 2017

Happy St. Valentine’s Day❤️

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Feb 13 2017

Valentine’s Day

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Ms Egan’s Senior Infants made pots out of clay last Thursday 9th February. Mr Glennon and his 5th class students helped them. Some of the children made heart shaped pots. The next day, the Infants painted the pots. Today they put pink crepe paper inside their pots. Ms Egan gave five mini eggs and five love hearts to each child. They then filled their pots with these. Hopefully the sweets will make it as far as the parents! The children will bring home their pots at 2 O’Clock today. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so they will give the pots to their parents. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Have a look at our photostory!




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