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Mar 03 2017


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Ms Egan’s Senior Infants are busy learning how to tell the time this week. They know that there is a long hand and a short hand on every clock. All of the children are using small clocks to show the time. I call out the time and they must show this time on their small clocks. (eg. 3 O’ Clock, 6 O’ Clock) They are excellent at reading the time. Next week, the children will draw hands to show the time. 

All of the children played 3 games of “Cover Up” today. This is a game for 2 players. They all needed a dice, a scoreboard each and some cubes. In turn each player rolls the dice. The first player rolls the dice. The first player then covers up the number rolled on their own scoreboard with a cube. The next player rolls the dice and covers up the number that they roll on their scoreboard. The player who covers up all the numbers on their scoreboard first, wins the game.

They also played 3 games of “Snake” and 3 games of “Roll a Tower.” Take a look at our photos!


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