Jun 13 2017

Active Week – Day 2

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Everyone enjoyed Day 2 of Active Week in Cornafulla today. Sandra and Dave came to our school. These two instructors work for Rinka in Monksland, Athlone. They worked with the three Infant classes and Ms Dunne’s 1st Class today. Sandra and Dave did fun activities with the children. They set up an obstacle course for them and did some Gymnastics with them. Sandra and Dave played a very funny game called Sheep Tag with the children. They all absolutely loved this game! The older classes will get to do Rinka on Thursday.

All of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class pupils had a Soccer Blitz in the afternoon.

Mrs Fitzgerald came into some of the classes to talk about healthy eating in the morning and in the afternoon. She gave booklets to the children and talked to them about the importance of bringing healthy lunches to school. Mrs Fitzgerald was delighted to hear that the children in Cornafulla are very good for drinking water and milk at school. In the afternoon, Mrs Fitzgerald invited some of the classes out to the courtyard. These children got to taste strawberries, oranges, peaches, peas, pineapple, etc. She bought all of the fruit in Lidl. Thanks to Mrs Fitzgerald, Ms O’Brien, Ms Madden, Ms Lennon, Ms Glynn and Ms Browne for preparing all the fruit for us!


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