Jun 21 2017

Turoe Pet Farm

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The Infants had a brilliant time on their school tour in Turoe Pet Farm today. Ms Finn, Ms Browne, Ms O’Connell, Ms Glynn and Ms Egan went with them. The children were very well behaved all day. 

The buses arrived at Turoe Pet Farm at around 10 O’Clock this morning. The children had a snack before they went to play in an indoor play area. Then we all went on a long farm walk with Seán. He was a very nice and funny tour guide. The children got to feed and rub the animals. They all got to see the peacock spread his beautiful tail. Seán said he was doing this to impress the ladies! He also said that the Cornafulla children were very lucky to see the peacock’s tail beacause he refused to show it to other groups of children that were in Turoe the last two days. Seán said that this peacock will lose his tail soon and grow another one in January.

We went to see the wishing well. Gabriel threw in a coin and made a wish. He didn’t tell us what he wished for so hopefully his wish will come true!

The Infants sang the songs “Old MacDonald had a Farm” and “Row Row Row Your Boat” for Seán. He told the children a story about a crocodile. He then asked them questions about things he had told them on the farm walk. Seán was very impressed with their answers. 

The children got to play soccer and play in two playgrounds before they had their lunch. After lunch, they had great fun in The Inflatable City. They played in one of the playgrounds for another while. Everyone was tired on the bus journey home! Thanks to the staff at Turoe Pet Farm for a great day! Have a look at our photostory! 

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