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Feb 14 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Senior Infants and 1st class!

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Feb 13 2018

Pancake Tuesday

Mrs. Hayman’s class had fun making and eating pancakes today to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. We all helped to make the batter by pouring, sieving and mixing. Then, as if by magic, the batter turned into 24 yummy pancakes!! Then for the best part…everyone got a turn to flip the pancake on the pan. We had a pancake party eating our pancakes and listening to the story ‘The Runaway Pancake’. Happy Pancake Tuesday!

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Feb 09 2018

First Confession and First Holy Communion

Dear parents of our First Confession and First Holy Communion class please note:


The date of the First Confession has changed, it will now take place on Wednesday March 21st at 7:30 pm 



Also the time of the First Holy Communion has changed and will be on Saturday May 19th at 11 am.

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Jan 23 2018


Senior Infants and First class have been busy bees this January! We read the story ‘Tom Crean’s Rabbit’ by Meredith Hooper and painted pictures of Tom Crean in the Antarctica. We also learned about some animals in the Arctic and Antarctica. First class completed projects on a chosen animal. They did a fantastic job!

We are also learning about An Aimsir in Gaeilge. Tá sé fuar!!

In SESE we recorded the weather each day on our weather chart. We had lots of different types of weather during the week! 

For Aistear, senior infants were sorting clothes and designing umbrellas. The also became weather reporters! 

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Jan 17 2018

Newsletter January 2018

Newsletter February 2018

I returned to work on the 29th of January having taken time out due to illness. I am delighted to be back in the school Many thanks to all the people who enquired after me, who sent me cards and to all the people who said a prayer. I am very grateful. Mrs Claire Fitzgerald managed the school so well in my absence that many people didn’t even know I was out and all the staff rowed in behind her.  I am very grateful for their professionalism.

As you know many children have mobiles phones now in classes as young as fourth class. Phones can be very helpful in keeping contact with your child and this helps keep them safe. However they can also be detrimental to communication in the home with children not really ‘being there’ …in the sense their minds are elsewhere, texting or browsing the inter net. Sadly, sometimes reports of nasty texts sent to children are reported to me and this causes much unhappiness. Please speak to your child often on the correct usage of mobile phones and the importance of being kind and nice to each other. I know you are all in harmony with me. Zeeko, a company based in U.C.D. will visit the school to work with children, staff and parents (in the evening) on internet and mobile phone safety. The date is 17th of April.

Also, a company called “Sticks and Stones” will work with 6th and 5th classes this term. I believe strongly in the power of drama as a medium to help children socialise in a harmonious way, This company is a drama group that will do just that. The staff will also work with them to revise our care programme. Cornafulla has a high reputation for good discipline and we will strive to maintain this.

Uniform Check-An impromptu uniform check demonstrated that 97% of children are wearing the correct uniform. Well done parents!! Having put four children through Primary and Secondary school I know it is not easy. Remember girls are not allowed to wear leggings.

The new date for Confession is the 21st of March.

Marie Brady is our new Gaelic coach.

Children in 3rd class are enjoying athletics in the A.I.T. each week using their fantastic facilities.

Sr. Annette our religious advisor,is calling to see the children on the 26th of February.

The school will close on the 9th of March to work on the new child protection guidelines. This day has been sanctioned by the Department.

Fourth class will visit Clonmacnoise on Wednesday  as they are learning about the Vikings and monasteries.

The teachers will use an on-line music programme called dabble-doo this term. It is an imaginative and inspirational programme.

New Child Protection Procedures will tighten security in schools. Any adult entering the school must report to Majella at the office. If that person wishes to collect a child or even enter the school building that person must sign in at the door and if necessary sign the child out. If the office is unattended please keep ringing the bell at the right of the main door.

There will be a staff meeting in March. I will let you know details as soon as possible. The school is permitted to close at two on that day. I want to align the meeting with training for teachers so I have to wait for a facilitator’s reply.

I want to thank our Parents Association who worked so hard for us over the years,. Unfortunately it has temporally dissolved. However some members continued on to do the clothes collection and that was great. We will look at forming a new committee in the future. In the meantime could you give your name to Majella if you are willing to meet with myself, Karen o Brien and Aine Lennon to organise a walk in May in aid if the school. It would also be a nice social event.

Joan Conway ( Principal)




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Nov 28 2017

Well done boys!

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Well done to Donnacha & Fionn Fallon, senior infants and first class who are photographed here at a recent competition. Keep up the good work lads???.

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Nov 22 2017

1st Class are enjoying Gaelic Football

In 1st class, we play Gaelic Football every Monday!  


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Nov 15 2017

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On Wednesday, Martin Ward from Na Fianna Kickboxing Club came to visit Mrs. Hayman’s class. Aaron,who is in 1st class, won his kickboxing competition during the summer and was named the 2017 IKF Junior Light Contact National Kickboxing Champion. Martin presented Aaron with his kickboxing belt and certificate. Aaron has been learning kickboxing since he was 3! Congratulations Aaron!!!!

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Nov 09 2017

Farming Long Ago

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In Ms Glynn’s 1st class, we are learning about farming long ago! We had lots of fun with artefacts such as an old cow halter, a horse shoe, a milk strainer and a churn for making butter  🙂  we also looked at some old tools found on the farm!

When we were learning about farming in the past, Farmer John asked us to make ‘Waterproof Wellies’ for him. We had a feely bag with a selection of materials to test in a basin of water. We grouped the materials which were waterproof and the materials which were not waterproof, then we made ‘Waterproof Wellies’ using these materials 🙂 




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Nov 08 2017

1st Class Fun

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Take a look at some of our September Fun in Ms. Glynn’s First Class 🙂



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